Whitney’s Journey

From a Planned HomeBirth to a Preemie Hospital Birth

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Episode 1: Whitney’s Journey: From Planned Homebirth to Preemie Birth

It’s hard to imagine how planning for a homebirth with a Black midwife turned into a birth in a hospital operating room with doctors, specialists and strangers. In my debut episode, I talk with Whitney Robinson, who shares a moving birth story that shows that circumstances don’t always define joyful experiences–sometimes it’s all about having the right support and bringing the soul.

My guests today are Whitney and her husband Charles Robinson; Ami Goldstein (the “accidental nurse midwife” who just happened to be on call the night Whitney went into labor) and Tina Braimah (Whitney’s homebirth midwife) of Sankofa Birth and Women’s Care. You don’t want to miss this story!

Episode Description:

In my debut episode I’m interviewing Whitney Robinson, a design-loving product manager and mother of four. As with her other children, Whitney’s planned a home birth, but 25-weeks into her pregnancy she went into premature labor and, with her husband and support team, she was determined to turn the unthinkable into an unapologetically Black experience. And with that, found her joy.


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  • Stark racial disparities exist in pre-term births. For example, in 2019, the rate of preterm birth among African-American women (14.4%) was about 50 percent higher than the rate of preterm birth among white or Hispanic women (9.3% and 10% respectively). Source: CDC: Reproductive Health
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About Whitney

Whitney is a design lovin’ Product Manager who is obsessed with seeing maternal experiences improve for Black and brown folks. She is a mom of 4, founder of The Renee, and currently based in Durham, NC. Whitney holds a CS degree from Duke and is a leather craftswoman in her free time. Follow Whitney at @_therenee on Instagram and Twitter.

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