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“It’s in the Stars” : Actor Angela Lewis Talks Joy After Pain

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Episode 4: “It’s in the Stars” : Actor Angela Lewis talks joy after pain

Episode Description:

There can be joy even after disappointment, shame, and loss. It often requires the right perspective and a supportive birthing team that still honors your vision even when plans change. This week, actress Angela Lewis, a star of FX’s SnowFall, shares her birth story including how prior miscarriages shaped her experience. Our special guest, Erica McAfee, founder of Sisters in Loss, shares the facts about miscarriages and why we are so bad at processing pregnancy loss as a society/as a people. In the end, Angela’s birth culminates with a moment of true star power.

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About Angela

Angela Lewis was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and received her BFA in Acting from the University Of Michigan. She lived in New York City for 13 years as a working actress before marrying and relocating to Los Angeles. She currently stars as Aunt Louie in FX’s Snowfall (Wednesdays at 10pm, next day on Hulu), has created Moon Child Foundation to help combat Black Maternal mortality, and is a girl-mom to a beautiful and precocious toddler.

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