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The Joy of Birthing in a Buick with an 11 year-old on assist.

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Episode 7: The Joy of Birthing in a Buick with an 11 year-old on assist. 

Episode Description 

In our episode today, our guest Allegra, a Doula and mother of 5, was so determined to not be at the hospital for long she ended up delivering her baby girl in the front seat of 

her car, with her husband and 11-year old daughter on assist. In addition to sharing this particular birthing experience, we reminisce on her four beautiful births, including twin girls, giving birth the first time at 19 years old, and all the birthing knowledge she has accumulated along the way. For Allegra, knowledge of her body and the birthing process was her pathway to joy. 

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About Allegra

Allegra White is a doula, wife and mother of five girls. After starting her family at the age of 19 and facing many challenges, she decided that all women should have the opportunity to journey into motherhood with a full range of support. Her company, “Milf-Made”, began as a desire to pay forward her experience by helping pregnant women feel like their best selves through advocacy, information and service. She describes herself as a compassionate, truthful, Caribbean- raised but Brooklyn-made, heart on her sleeve type of gal. Allegra is currently accepting applications for on-call hairdressers for her household of growing women.

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