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Kayden Coleman’s Birthright

How He Found Black Birth Joy as a Trans Father

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Season 2, Episode 1: Kayden Coleman’s Birthright: How He Found Black Birth Joy as a Trans Father

Episode Description:

A powerful season two launches with Kayden’s story, a Black trans father of two daughters who reclaimed his birthright during his second birth. After a series of hurtful experiences during his first birth, Kayden discovered doulas who educated him and empowered him to voice his desires when he gave birth to his second daughter. In the midst of it all–including social media hate from others and poor care from medical professionals, he shares how he ultimately found joy in creating life and became a viral advocate for reproductive rights of other trans males. Listen in! 


About Kayden

Kayden X. Coleman is a transgender dad also known as Papa Seahorse. He has two daughters, Azaelia and Jurnee. After his birth stories went viral—once in 2015 and again in 2020, Kayden became the face of Black transgender pregnancy. He openly shares his stories navigating the health system and life as a Black, gay transgender man via social media. He’s dedicated himself and his platform to bridging the gaps and disparities that exist in the health system/birthing worlds for transmasculine individuals. Kayden provides workshops educating healthcare providers, individuals and organizations on transmasculine fertility and birth. He also provides sensitivity training. In 2021, he was selected as an Out100 Honoree. IG handle: @kaydenxofficial

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