Felicia’s Dream Hawaiian Water Birth

After An Ectopic Pregnancy

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Season 2, Episode 7: Felicia’s Dream Hawaiian Water Birth After An Ectopic Pregnancy

Episode Description: Felicia didn’t know if she’d ever give birth to a baby after an ectopic pregnancy that left her with one fallopian tube — but after years of physical and spiritual healing, she got exactly what she always wanted on the island of Hawaii. Originally from Idaho, Felicia has reclaimed love and peace as a stay-at-home mom and massge therapist who enjoys exploring the outdoors, hiking, and being by the ocean. Join Kimberly for this week’s episode, as she chats with this mama about how she found joy and healing after heartache and uncertainty and birthed her miracle baby surrounded by Black women.


  • Marco Antonio Perez Estrada is the partner of Felicia Banks. Born and raised in Mexico City, Marco moved to Hawaii when he was 15-years-old. Now the owner of a home remodling business and a father, he loves to spend time with his family and watch his daughter grow. One day, he wants to teach her fire dancing and soccer, which are his passions.
  • Wahinehula Kaʻeo is a koʻokua, or birth and postpartum doula from Waiohuli, Maui. She is a co-founder and the development director of Kalauokekahuli, a nonprofit organization that supports Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander families by providing culturally-based prenatal, birth, and postpartum education and services. She is currently a student midwife and is passionate about reducing poor maternal health outcomes for Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, as well as reclaiming and revitalizing traditional birth practices. Wahinehula looks forward to serving her community as a doula and midwife in the years to come. IG handle: @Kalauokekahuli
  • Hale Kealaula LLC is owned by midwife Selena Green, CPM, LM, RP. The organization provides doula support and care for home births, water births, and hospital births. They’re dedicated to supporting women and babies. They believe that every client has a right to safe, satisfying health care with respect for human dignity and cultural beliefs.
  • The P?polo Project redefines what it means to be Black in Hawai‘i by producing educational and cultural learning opportunities, hosting community gatherings, and creating original media that creates new narratives for and about Black people. 
  • Interested in having a doula and/or midwife for your pregnancy, birth or postpartum period? Here are resources for finding Black midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, and other perinatal specialists of color: Sista Midwife Directory, The Bridge, and National Black Doulas Association.
  • Download Irth, the only app where you can find prenatal, birthing, postpartum and pediatric reviews of care from Black and brown birthing people. Leave a review today to help inform and protect others! Search reviews to empower yourself. 
  • Are you ready for 2022 Black Breastfeeding Week? We’re celebrating 10 years of supporting and uplifting lactation in the Black community! Join us as we celebrate this year’s theme, “A New Foundation” on August 25th through 31st, with virtual and local events. Visit www.BlackBreastfeedingWeek.org to find an event near you. 
  • Learn more about having a safe and empowered birth by downloading the free ebook: Birth with Irth: A Mini-Manual to Pregnancy and Childbirth for Black People 
  • For Black breastfeeding resources, visit Black Breastfeeding Week, Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association (BMBFA), and Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere (ROSE).
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About Felicia

Felicia Banks is originally from Idaho Falls, Idaho and has long had an interest in holistic healing and a natural way-of-life. She graduated as a licensed massage therapist from the College of Massage Therapy at Bingham Memorial Hospital in 2010. While running her own business, she sang in a traveling band, and worked as a nanny and caregiver to an elderly woman before eventually moving to Hawaii in 2019; where she currently lives as a stay-at-home mom.

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